Thank you for visiting Get listed online on till the end of today and benefit from a lot of services such as:
° online Hotel Promotion incl. Individual Information (Description, Images, Amenities, Services, Rates and Availability)
° individual and professional 24/7 Support (we are a team of former Hotel Managers)
° receive bookings and request online, 24/7
° maintain your inventory and data yourself, at any time
° be member of a world wide hotel community

has been founded in 1995 with the goal to create a global Network of Hotels. We describe ourselves as a virtual Front Desk offering various accommodations, meeting any request, 24/7, online as well as assisted by one of our booking agents. Beside NetHotels there are already many Organisations in the Tourism Business, over all in Austria, Germany, United Kingdom and Switzerland, using the NetHotels booking technology online as well as in their call centre and tourist information. Our Main Quarter is Vienna. There is another NetHotels Offices in Germany.

Your property is going to be listed on Travellers may search and book or even request your accommodation online. What ever they do – you will receive a confirmation by either Email or Fax any way. In case of a request one of our NetHotels Booking Agent will get in contact with the Client and handle the communication between you and the client, up to finishing a booking. If the requested accommodation is unavailable we will offer further providers meeting with the previous request. In such a case, you may also benefit from such as situation, receiving a booking which original has not been requested for you. All data needed to promote your hotel will be maintained by yourself.

Using a unique Login and Password you get access to the NetHotels Hoteladmin. So it is up to you to decide how individual your property and services will be promoted on including all pages linked (Partner, Tourism Boards, Affiliates). This includes rooms, rates and availabilities as well. 
NetHotels offers a free OTA interface for Channelmanager if prefer to change availaliity and rates with the access of your channelmanager.

There are no costs involved to use our services
– except you receive a booking. In this case we charge a commission of10% + VAT from the total gross booking revenue. If you are using the NetHotels System also via a local tourism organisation, bookings received via their sales channels will be invoiced direct from that partner. There is no additional commission to NetHotels for these bookings. You will receive report including all bookings departed, at the end of each month. You will be able to inform us if there are changes like no shows, cancellations or booking changes (less/additional nights/rooms). At the 7th of each month, you will receive or final invoice.

If you are interested to participate or if there are any further questions, please contact our office in Vienna now:
Tel: +43 1 710 19 19
If you are already partner of a local tourism board, using the NetHotels System, please do not forget to forward this information as well.